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The Water Barons discussing how to defend Bordertown. Art by Ean Moody

Promonte figures in the formative months of the Colony, the Water Barons are a collection of adventurers who gained attention, fortune, and their name by being the first among the colony's citizenry to secure regular access to fresh water.

Primary MembershipEdit





Secondary MembershipEdit



The Bronze Hammers (Melded into the Fighter's Guild by Watcher)

The Mage's Guild

The Fighter's Guild

Knights of Bahamut

The Lieutenant

Title DisputesEdit

After the initial success with literal water barony, the Water Barons made an effort to 'reinvent' themselves and expand their base for both adventuring and for business through investment and connections. However, they remained the Water Barons in the public eye. Some members, Locke in particular, made efforts to reestablish the growing collective under new titles such as Wu-Tang Clan and Cum Shitters but these met with little public success and even to the present the vasty expanded group still operates under their old moniker.