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THE NEW WORLD Chamions[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the New World Campaign Setting unnofficial wiki page.

Here you will find collected information on the New World setting, created and published by Ross Payton and associates from Role Playing Public Radio and

The setting is designed to provide players and game masters with a literal 'new world' in the vein of the arrival of explorers from europe to the Americas in the 18th century. Major themes include exploration, survival, and possible fortune in the new lands.

This wiki will contain information for fans of the setting and information on both the published material (which can be downloaded for free) and on actual play groups, including the origin group for the setting, game mastered by the author of the setting.

CATEGORIES[edit | edit source]

HEROES - Biographies of all the heroes of the New World.

CHARACTERS - Biographies of all the recurring non-player characters.




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