Captain grippli

The Captain. Art by Ean Moody.


A legendary Grippoli warrior who fought along side the Water Barons during the Battle of the Goblin Hulk.

Following the battle he was promoted to sub-command of the Water Baron's milita. After only a short time he under went the transformative experience of being sacrificed when a green dragon held him as a bargaining chip against Locke. The green dragon wanted to flee and said he would leave the colony alone if he was allowed to live. Locke attacked the dragon, so it snapped the Lieutenant's neck and flew away. The Lieutenant was then raised from the dead by the Water Barons, though his sacrifice "for the greater good" troubled him.

After some soul searching he volunteered to lead an escape mission into enemy territory, liberating captives from lizard man control. In the escape he lead the captives through a magical portal, transplanting them on the other side of the land mass. By the time he returned he bore the new title of Captain and lead the escaped slaves as a well disciplined militant group which proved vital in the defense of Border Town against Cortez' military assault.

During the time between Cortez' assault on Border Town and the attack of the New World armada, the Captain formed a company of Grippoli warriors and fought many battles against the albino Grippli. As he fought more and more battles his demeanour began to change and he became a knight in sour armor, becoming a dark and brooding hero. This earned him the title of the Slayer, hero of the Grippoli.