This articale is to act as a single "map" of the major interactions between the non-player characters of the New World campaign game being played by the crew of Role Playing Public Radio.

Pontifex - Archlich and secret patron of Locke

Elric - human mage, servant of Pontifex - former member of the thieves guild

Governor Wyatt - leader of the colony

Mordecai - leader of the civilian temple of Pelor

Thelonious - exiled merchant lord and enemy of the PCs (was assassinated by PCs but later raised)

the doppelganger - assassin who worked for PCs

Axgore - half-ogre slave trader - enemy

Wulf the naturalist - merchant lord - neutral

Luxion the blacksmith - warforged - ally

Falstaff - human merchant lord - neutral

Lo-Koth - human merchant lord - neutral

Gribble-lock halfling merchant lord - neutral

Loric - human merchant lord - neutral

King Sea-Moss - Grippli King

The Lieutenant - Grippli ranger - missing - ally

Sebastian The Templar Lord - Leader of the Crusaders of Pelor Mark the Head Scribe - works for the crusaders - secret agent of Pontifex - secret ally to Locke

Agantha - Gray Fang Druid Elder

Croesis - Black Raven elder

Castilla - human undead planar traveler - worships Orcus - ally

The Gray Mouser - elf vampire double agent - secret ally to players

Cortez - human tyrant and absolute batshit insane crazy motherfucker

Jack Morgan - kobold rogue ally

Yagath - gnoll ranger ally

Balgron the Fat - Goblin Chieftain and slimy ally to the PCs

Sir Redgar -human fighter leader of the Ironhearts adventuring company

Bite, Stab and Kill - human barbarian, rogue, ranger - ironheart adventurers

Janissa/Cordelia - human rogue ally - former lover of Locke

Bright Eyes - gnome rogue ally and sociopath

Coyote - Nature Spirit and trickster

Water - unpredictable nature spirit

Ant - Builder nature spirit

Lizardfolk Tribal Champion - talked to Tom's character

McSmasher clan elder - ogre patriarch

Inquisitor Blackadder - asshole Inquisitor -

Nodrom - Modron architect

Sir Gaillen - noble but gullible knight - former supporter of Axgore's political coalition

Lady Melinda Norton - bored and decadent noblewoman - married Sir Carrington - asshole noble. Dan's character's family owes Carrington's family money.

Sir Harrington - some other asshole noble.

The Drow thieves guild leader - some retarded drow name

Campbell the town crier

Silven, the wizard in Redgar's group

Septimus the bard?