Pinchy the Chuul was a chuul aquatic monster that inhabited the waters between the Colony and Grippili Island. Pinchy was considered a mixed blessing by the fisherman of the Colony because while he menaced their small fishing boats, he also kept away sharks that would scare off the large schools of the fishermen counted on.

Pinchy first appeared as an adversary to the Water Barons early in their career in the New World. While the Barons were attempting to retrieve equipment belonging to Hagrim of the Dwarven Cartoghers Guild they clashed with the Chuul and managed to drive it off before he destroyed their boat.

Pinchy resurfaced short after during the Water Baron's assult on the Goblin Hulk. Grippili divers lured Pinchy under the Hulk and and up the moon pool into the Hulk. Pinchy then proceeded to go on a rampage of destruction and goblin eating.

By the time of the New Cordonian War of Independence, the Grippli had tamed Pinchy and used him against the Imperial Navy.