A gang of cutthroats trapped inside the Grippili Island volcano. The gang consisted of humans, dark creepers. halflings and goblins and were lead by 'The Drow.' The gang was part of the game the Water Barons were put through by the Water Spirit.

The gang fought the Grippili and Myconiods tribes inside the volcano but were eventually subdued and captured by the Water Barons. A deal was struck between 'The Drow' and the adventurers, freedom for himself and his companions in exchange for aiding the Water Barons in escaping the volcaone. Eventually the adventurers completed the Water Spirit's game and were released from the volcano. True to their world the adventurers released the remaining members of the Dark Blades.

It was later discoverd the Dark Blades were just one claw of the New World Thieves Guild.