Cortez. Art by Josh Hunter.

Cortez was a Paladin of Pelor whom was sent to the New World about a hundred years before it's discovery was made public.

Little is known of the reasons for being sent to the New World, though it is believed he did so to combat a threat which had been perceived to be there, most likely Thrazadan.

Cortez eventually conquered and enslaved many of the native tribes and united them under his own rule. By making deals with Ant, the Builder Nature Spirit, he was able to increase his lifespan and forge his own civilization based on war and fear.

He was an enemy of the Water Barons, whom persuaded Ant to establish a competition between themselves and Cortez to see who could built the most efficiently: Cortez using slavery and torture or the Water Barons using rewards and freemen. Cortez was tasked with building a Golum factory, and the Water Barons started unearthing and repairing a Lemurian Airship factory.

Seeing that he was likely to loose the challenge, Cortez attacked Border Town in hopes of demolishing the factory. He lost the battle however, and was forced to retreat. Seeing this defeat as a chance, the natives under his rule started to revolt, which led to the fall of Cortez's civilization and the creation of the nation of Quezacotl.