A bandit from the time of ancient Lemuria, Castilla worshipped Orcus. She disliked(s) Lemurians in general but not enough to wage any sort of warfare against them.

Her remains where discovered within Lemurian ruins and returned to activity by the Black Ravens at the request of the Water Barons. Castilla used a magical trick, just before she died, to shift any resurrection magics used on either of the bodies of her companions to herself. This plan had the unexpected effect of shifting the Black Raven's undead magics onto her when the Water Barons attempted to raise one of the Lemurians, returning her to the Material World as undead rather than living.

Castilla is a moderate follower of Orcus who believes "undead are people too". She expresses little sorrow at being returned to undeath but does hope to eventually be returned to full life.