Patrick: so I thought about rolling up a DnD character and giving him a back story today just for fun

Ross: awesome

make him someone I can use for the new world campaign

don't worry about stats

I can do that part

Patrick: nice

what level are the characters currently?

Ross: 7

but they've met liches and other high level NPCs

well A lich

Patrick: you know we could play up a Cortez meets Kurtz from Heart of Darkness and create a paladin-turned-blackguard who was the leader of a previous expedition

Ross: oooo


an expedition that no one knows about

Patrick: right

Ross: like the vikings who landed in the new world

that is fucking great

I love it

the way 4E works now

there are 3 tiers of play

heroic (low level)

paragon (mid level )

and epic

players are at heroic

right now

As soon as they complete the current quest

I will bump them to paragon

and use that idea for the first paragon quest

Patrick: I would say this guy is a real prick too and has traded all his paladin levels that he can for blackguard levels

Ross: I already got a hook too

several sessions ago they rescued a dwarf cartographer

who then went out to the mountains to map them

the dwarf sends a message back to the players

Patrick: he became a blackguard because a local sorcerer of a native tribe summoned a devil to demonstrate the natives power

but the devil befriended the paladin

turning against the natives

because the devil saw the paladin could be seduced

and was already quite powerful

how does that work for a brief backstory?

Ross: I think I will probably modify it a bit

the paladin wants to introduce law to the natives

the devil helps with that


Patrick: ha so instead of LG, you get LE

Ross: right

so the paladin becomes obsessed with order

becomes a despot

Patrick: yeah, I like that

because good/evil become subjective

Ross: yeah

and he uses brutality to enforce the law