Balgron highres

Balgron the Fat. Art by Ean Moody.

Balgron the Fat was a goblin chieftain in the New World. In typical self-serving fashion he latched onto the most powerful faction he knew of, the Water Barons, and served them to garner as much power and wealth for himself as he could.


Balgron the Fat orginially one of a dozen goblin chieftains who traveled to the New World in a Goblin Hulk. He was contracted by the Thieves Guild to ambush and murder the Water Barons outside the colony during their negotiaions with the Black Raven Tribe. The Water Barons killed all of Balgron's in short order and spared the chieftain if he gave up his employer and swore alliegence to them. Balgron did so gladly to save his life.

Now nominally an ally of the Water Barons, Balgron aided the Water Barons in their infiltration and distruction of the Goblin Hulk as well as the assassination of the Trade Price Thelonius. With the destruction of the Goblin Hulk, Balgron consolidated his control of the goblin shanty town outside the colony and control of the remaining goblins in colonial territory. Balgron proved to be instrumental during the Water Barons' assault on the Thieves Guild headquaters, supplying the Barons with over a hundred goblin ruffians and cutthroats.

Sometime during the course of his life Balgron also became involved in the otyugh breeding business. He managed to aquire several of these shit eating monster and gave one to the Water Barons when the group of heroes was looking for a way to clean Ogre privies, thus guaranteeing a secret backdoor entrance for the Water Barons just in case the adventurers wished to later inflitrate the McSmasher hold, that they helped build, and kill all the Ogres therein.

Later, after defeating a dragon, the Water Barons appointed Balgron as overseer of Kolona, a different New World city. He would go on to betray the Barons, allying himself with Petro Sarkis, secretly pooling resources and support for the Old World paladin.

Balgron was slain by one of the Water Barons aboard his Goblin Hulk during the New World Revolutionary Battle. His motivations for the betrayal are still murky to this day.